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"PINNED" Wrestling Novel
"PINNED" Wrestling Novel
Our Price: $6.95

Enjoy PINNED, an excellent wrestling novel by author Alfred C. Martino.

Ivan Korske and Bobby Zane couldn't be more different. They come from different backgrounds, with different lifestyles, and have different ways of looking at the world.

 Ivan is the pride of Lennings, a town tucked away in the farmlands of western New Jersey. For Ivan, a state championship fulfills a promise he made to his mother before she passed away nine months earlier. But mostly, Ivan hopes the championship will secure a college scholarship--and a chance to escape his dreary hometown. 

In a wealthy town on the other side of the state, Bobby Zane protects his younger brother Christopher from the fallout of their parents impending divorce. Seeking comfort from his girlfriend, Carmelina, Bobby sees the coveted state title as his only hope for salvation from his family's problems.

 Both boys have the drive, determination, and willingness to sacrifice anything necessary to become a state champion. In the end, however, only one will raise his arm in victory and have the championship gold medal placed around his neck.

Impressions by Dr. Coyte Cooper
Impressions by Dr. Coyte Cooper
Our Price: $14.99

IMPRESSIONS, The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life, has the distinction of being the first product we've carried that we didn't develop at Cauliflower. We have followed Dr. Coyte Cooper's remarkable career since he was a freshman wrestling in high school, when he finished as the state runner-up in Washington. Coyte went on to win three Washington state titles. He eventually captured All-American honors wrestling for Indiana University, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Sport Marketing & Management. As if these accomplishments aren't enough, he's also a writer, releasing this insightful book that provides a roadmap to enhanced living for readers, and those around them. Concepts from Impressions include understanding and modeling values, striving for authenticity, cultivating a caring mindset for people, insisting on being extraordinary, and setting a unique standard of excellence. These concepts can be applied by anyone, and might prove especially useful to wrestlers and wrestling coaches in creating powerful personal and team brands that will prove extraordinary.