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Cauliflower greeting cards are actual, hard-copy, all-occasion wrestling greeting cards with awesome illustrations and motivational wrestling messages. These greeting cards are printed on high-gloss card stock, and include birthday greeting cards for wrestlers, and cards for other occasions such as a tough loss or a big win. Our thank you greeting cards for coaches and wrestling supporters are also very popular. And of course, any Cauliflowerear greeting card will complement the gift of a cool wrestling t-shirt or hoody!

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"Alone" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This card depicts the solitude and focus of a heavily hooded athlete . . . training, cutting weight, preparing for an epic one-on-one battle under the lights.  This card is blank on the inside for versatility.
"Bar" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This card shows a brutal, "almost legal" arm bar.  Wrestling is indeed the toughest sport, bar none!
"Big" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

Funny wrestling birthday card!
"Fans" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

Wrestling fans are the craziest!  Remind you of anyone?
"Focus" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This greeting card depicts a wrestler climbing a rope and focusing upward toward his goal–his dream of reaching the top.  The athlete on the rope is Brian Fitzgerald, former Blaine High School wrestler from Washington state.
"Fun" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This cheerful card shows little wrestlers playing with toys on the edge of a competition mat–a familiar scene in youth wrestling.  It's a reminder to compete hard, but also remember to have fun along the journey.
"Gear" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This is one of the most popular Cauliflower illustrations and depicts the worn out wrestling shoes and earguards owned by Iowa wrestling coach and art teacher, Rod Bohner.  Mr. Bohner drew this piece, along with many other Cauliflower works.  The inside of this card is blank, for versatility.
"Hot" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This card reinforces the fact that wrestling is tough and pressure-packed, and that is what makes it so cool.
"Next Time" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

The illustration and concept on this card shows a wrestler's determination to come back following a loss.
"Moments" Greeting Card
Our Price: $2.95

This Thank You card features a classic moment of elation between a wrestler and his coach.  A great gift to use when thanking anyone for all of the great moments in a wrestling season, or career.

Illustrated wrestling cards are where the whole Cauliflower Ear concept started, with just one card made for one person. It was a personal thing, one card called "Striving," created for a young wrestler who had recently suffered a devastating defeat at a state competition. From there the idea grew into something all-encompassing, with almost a life of its own, into shirts, shorts, posters, note-cards and stationery, all with amazing artwork and a message directed toward the passionate wrestler, his friends, family and fans.

What started with one single card has blossomed into dozens of unique, hand-drawn art including wrestling greeting cards, wrestling Christmas cards and more. There may be no other place on the planet to find something like a wrestling birthday card or a congratulations wrestling card but you can find them here, and they're awesome! These are cards the recipient will truly cherish.